Monday, July 13, 2009

Playing Lesson with the Pro.

Well it finally happened. I played a round with my teacher yesterday. Man was it hot!. We worked on course management and he also pointed out the things I need to watch for as far as falling back into some bad habits. He was pretty quite for the first few holes, however after seeing my inconsistency with the driver he pointed out that I need to keep a wider stance and also make sure and keep my knees flexed more than I had them. That along with a minor adjustment with my alignment, I was aiming way to far right, allowed me to start hitting some really solid nice drives. He also added to my already large list of things to keep in mind to keep the hinge in my wrist on the downswing as long as possible. This will help me to not swing with my arms and to swing more with my lower body. This accomplishes two things, one much solider shots and two more distance as the power is held until the last possible second before being unleashed. It was a very interesting afternoon and it also helped to gain some confidence and he reiterated all the things that I do correctly which in turn narrowed down the stuff I need to work. Our last lesson will be with their new teaching tool which involves video. I am really looking forward to this as he will be able to e-mail me my swing and really point things out more specifically that need corrected. All in all it has been money well spent and has also rejuvenated my passion for this wonderful game.

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