Monday, June 15, 2009

TPC Southwind Memphis, TN

Man what a day. I got to attend the St. Jude Classic in Memphis, TN this Saturday. It was very cool. I started the day by watching the players on the driving range. I could not believe how crisp they all hit the ball. It became very apparent to me why the pros boil down to the short game and that is what determines who wins the tournaments. I stayed between 10 Fairway and 11 green the whole time. I got to see all the groups come through and I have to tell you that Phil and JD's groups had the biggest followings. I was most excited to see Camilo's group however. The pros obviously do not miss by much any time they hit the ball. I thought that Southwind's grounds crew did an awesome job preparing the day especially after the storms came through on Friday. The course was in beautiful shape. All I can say is it must be a huge undertaking to not only set up for the tournament but to run it as well. After attending a Pro Golf tournament you gain a whole new appreciation for what the PGA Tour does week in and week out. After this weekend I swore to myself that before I die I have to attend a major championship some day. Well this week I am looking forward to my playing lesson with my instructor. I will let you know how it goes after I play. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and Happy Father's Day to all the dads.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing with the Pro!

I'm most excited today. My next lesson is a round with the pro. Looking forward to seeing how I fair on the course. I hope to play next Tuesday if possible. Of course work will dictate that as it does most things during the week. Oh to not have a boss. I'm excited to implement what I have learned in my lessons and take them to the course. I'm shooting for a score of 80 or better. Will let you know how it goes. Look forward to seeing my score card after I play. Have a great weekend and hope ya'll get in a round this weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chipping Tip!

I found this little tip on-line today and wanted to share it. Enjoy the tip and practice.

Go the Distance — Eddie Merrins
The average player approaches chip shots like he does putts. He's more concerned with line than speed. That is the opposite of a pro's thinking. To chip like a pro, focus on sending the ball the right distance. Start by picturing a distance target -- a line about a foot behind the hole that extends a few feet in both directions. You can stick tees in the green to represent this line. Don't worry about the length of your swing -- focus on the force required to get the ball to the line. With practice, you'll start leaving chips closer to the hole. And that means more tap-ins for par.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chipping and Putting

Finally got another lesson. Boy was it fun! I desperately needed a chipping lesson as this area has been costing me at least 6 strokes a round. What did I learn? Well what finally clicked was that I have been standing to far from the ball at address. No wonders my back would hurt. I took the pros advice and stood closer to the ball and what do you know I started to hit some very crisp chips and believe it or not even got some spin on range balls. He suggested that I pick a club to chip with 90% of the time and stick to it. I have chosen the 60 degree for my weapon. Can't wait to practice as it was a lot of fun to hit chip after chip nicely. He suggested having my feet very close together and playing the ball back in the stance. After I got there it was basically just a matter of hitting it with my hands and arms like a putting stroke. I could of chipped for 2 more hours easily it was much fun. After the chipping we moved to the putting green. Picked up a couple of great practice tips this time. First we did some short puts, 4 footers, and put two tees in the ground a little over a balls width apart in front of the hole. I then hit puts never looking at the hole and keeping my head down for a three count. We also did a little drill that requires a right handed putter to look away from the hole after hitting the ball. Amazing what that does for you as far as keeping your head down and still. Great drills! Next we worked on reading greens. This was what I was really interested in. He tahgt me to visualize a big wall clock around the hole. Then look at the put from both sides and behind the hole for sure. From there he said to pick a time on the clock where I wanted to start the put. It worked very well and as long as I had the speed right the putts were very close. We probably putted 40 balls from about 30 feet with that drill with both left to right and right to left breaks. Very fun practice again. All and all I would have to say this was my favorite lesson to date. Next I get to actually play a round with him. To finish it off I will get to have my swing taped with the brand new machine they are getting in about two weeks. Will update again after my round.