Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Lesson

Well I think I will finally be able to get the chipping and putting lesson in. The driving range has finally resurfaced from the depths of the water. I can't wait much longer as I crave another lesson. Especially one as important as the short game. I will tell more later after I have taken the lesson. Hopefully this weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Outing

Well the sun finally came out and the rain stopped. We got to play 18 holes on 5-17-09. I was able to work on some of the stuff I learned from my lessons. It took some holes but I definitely started to hit some quality shots. I shot an 84 and that was do to my putting. I still hit some fat iron shots that cost me strokes. The cool thing about it was I didn't get mad and knew what the cause was. I'm looking forward to my next lesson this week and can't wait to get back on the course again. For anyone who is feeling frustrated with the game and almost like you want to quit I highly recommend lessons. Not only will it start to build confidence it will make you love the game like you did before.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taking Lessons

Well I finally took the plunge. I received golf lessons for my 42nd birthday and have started them. I found out that all along I have been going about this game the wrong way. My instructor has taken me back to the basics. So far I have learned that posture and balance are 2 very key elements to a sound swing. He has given me some very good training tools that I will share. First for the distance to stand from the ball. Stand upright with your knees locked and hold the club in front of you. From there lower the club until it sits on the ground naturally. From there bend slightly at the waste and make sure your stance is wide enough to feel well grounded. PS: remember to stick your behind out as that helps to keep your hands up high enough. This is especially important towards the end of the round when we have a tendency to get tired. The next lesson I learned was to be patient with the swing. For some reason we think the harder we swing the farther the ball goes. Quite the opposite is true I found out. The easier we swing the better we hit the ball and the farther and starighter it goes. He has also worked on my take away. Great tip when taking the club back try and drag it backwards about 6 inches. This keeps the left arm straight and gets the club properly on plane at the top. Once you get to the top with the club on plane correctly you can then use your lower bady and swing as hard as your little heart desires. The last note is what side to play from. If you are right handed play from the left side. This means make sure on your downswing that you release the club and turn your body to the left, don't stop. Just the opposite if your are left handed. All for now will touch base after the next lesson. Looking forward to the rain stopping in Arkansas so I can take one.