Friday, July 24, 2009

7/18/09 Round

Finally got to play some golf with my brother and good friend Jason. It has been way to long since I golfed with Jason. Boy was I surprised at his improvement. He hit almost every drive right on the button. His improvement was impressive. Needless to say my play was awful. I could not hit the ball straight to save my life. It was fun however because my daughter and Jason's daughter went with us for the front nine. The were very well behaved and made me laugh. We did have something interesting happen however. As we pulling up to the 8th tee box along comes a skunk. I should have known because that is how bad my game was that day. Actually the skunk probably smelled better than my game. That is ok though because I love the game and will be back for more. Hope to get to play with Jason again before the summer ends.

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